Dr. Cahn is a Wolverine!

The University of Michigan’s Big Ten championship win this season thrilled thousands of fans across the country hoping to see the school take its first Big Ten title in 17 years. The win is a milestone for UM because it hasn’t won the Big Ten since 2004. The Wolverines have never played in the College Football Playoff. The team hasn’t won a national title since 1997.

800+ miles away, Dr. Cahn still reps the big block M and cheers loud and proud from his office in Shallotte, NC.

What is the significance of Michigan?

I went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor from 1987-1991. GO BLUE!!!!

Do you have any memorable stories worth sharing?

Two things stick out in my mind.

After winning the national championship in basketball in 1989, a friend and I went through the mob of students celebrating on South University Ave and lost a shoe, a sleeve of my jacket and a hat. It was well worth it though. What a party.

Our graduation commencement speech was given by the sitting President of the United States, George Herbert Walker Bush, in May 1991.

What brought you to North Carolina?

After residency I hired a headhunter to help me find a job. The instructions were anywhere between New Jersey and South Carolina within an hour of the beach. In 2000 I accepted a job offer in Whiteville, NC and have been in the area ever since.

How do you think Michigan will stack up against tobacco road schools in NCAA men’s basketball play this year?

Hard to say, since U of M has a very young team this year. They had the #1 recruiting class in the national last year with their third year coach Juwan Howard (part of the famous Fab Five recruiting class of 1991). We will find out a lot on December 1 when Michigan visits UNC in the BIG TEN/ACC challenge. I will be attending the game with my son who is a freshman at NC State.

Are there any recipes, traditions, etc that you have brought with you from Michigan that have locals in Brunswick county saying “Wuttt”?

At least once a year we order from one of the best delis in America, Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor. It was a place my friends and I went as undergrads and a staple for any trip to Ann Arbor. We order a Reuben box which comes with everything you need to make homemade corned beef reubens just like the ones you would get at the deli. It is fantastic.

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