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Dr. Cahn and his team are committed to providing patient-focused care. There are many surgery options available depending on the diagnosis of your condition. Unless it is an emergency surgery, Dr. Cahn and/or your primary care physician will discuss your recommended surgery plan with you in advance. Medical tests such as endoscopy, blood work, MRls, CT scans, X-rays or any other laboratory work may be required to make an informed recommendation that will provide the best outcome.are able to respond to and manage any challenges that may occur with your surgical procedures while you're in our care. Dr. Cahn specializes in the following general surgery procedures that are typically covered by insurance:

Colonoscopy: A colonoscopy is the first step in preventing colon cancer. Screenings should begin at age 50 for people at average risk, while African Americans should begin at age 45.

Gallbladder Removal: Most gallbladder surgery is due to complications of gallstones, pancreatitis or an infection. Surgery is typically minimally invasive via laparoscopy.

Hernia Repair: Hernia surgery is performed with an open incision
under general anesthesia.

Skin Lumps and Bumps:
Acne, boils, rashes, skin cancers, moles, warts, hematomas, cysts and more can all be removed in-office.

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We understand that you might have questions, and we encourage you to talk to us about your concerns before your procedure. Our priority is to make your journey through your procedure as comfortable as possible and we want to work with you to achieve the best results.

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